Credit applications rise up to 50% in Durango

There is not the economic capacity to meet all the loan requests that arrive at the Pensions Directorate. (THE CENTURY OF TORREON)

The difficult economic situation that is registered in the entity is affecting the majority of Duranguenses, including those who have a secure job and receive their punctual fortnight, which has caused an increase in the number of loans.

The head of the State Pension Directorate, Francisco Esparza Hernández, said that added to the financial complications of the unit, there is a deficit to grant loans in the face of the significant number of applicants.

“We are struggling a lot, for example, on the issue of loans and that also reflects a great need for people, how they come to ask and there is something very important because the people we serve receive their fortnight, if you want the last day because there are no resources, but it is always paid, only once has it been paid a day later. Now those who do not have a secure fortnight”, he questioned.

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He said that currently there are one thousand 600 million pesos lent, so they have to be waiting for the almost daily collection so that Finance can transfer the resources.

“Loans have increased by almost 50 percent, of that size and that amount of millions of pesos, there have been days when up to 200 people apply for loans,” he said.

Therefore, there is not always a resource for everyone, “there are times when we do not have money and we can last up to three days without granting any loan, until we have the resource we start again,” he said.