Credit cards advantageous offers 2020 from 467 banks in the Russian Federation

Strictly speaking, this map does not imply the possibility of using its own funds. In Russia, however, it is customary to call any bank card with a limit, including debit cards with an overdraft – they are the most widespread in our country. With the help of such products, the borrower can not only use the borrowed funds of the bank, but also leave personal money on the account, withdrawing it from ATMs at special rates. Some banks charge interest on the positive balance of funds on the card account, often comparable to the interest on term deposits, which makes their use even more profitable.

Significant advantages for the holder are also given by products with a grace period: by paying off the debt in full within a certain period (as a rule, 30–60 calendar days), the holder protects himself from the need to pay interest. When choosing an option with such an option, a potential holder should pay attention to which transactions are subject to the terms of the grace period. Sometimes the grace period covers only non-cash transactions payment and does not apply in case of cash withdrawals.

Many banks offer arrange without income certificates, however, the limit for such offers is usually small. To take this option with a significant reserve of borrowed funds, you will have to provide the bank with a certificate of income in the form of 2-NDFL or in the form of a bank.

To decide which bank to choose, you should compare the cost of issue and annual servicing of various issuers, the terms of the grace period, interest rates, the number and convenience of the location of the bank’s own ATMs, as well as the ATMs of its partners, and other parameters that are significant for the holder.

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Where can you apply?

The client can submit an application at a bank branch, at trade and service points, airports, as well as via the Internet. Moreover order her it is possible not only on the website of the issuing bank, where the user is offered only a limited line of products. A substantial information base and a convenient search on the terms of card lending on the portal allows the visitor to compare several hundred offers from various banks, choose a suitable tariff and design and immediately apply online to one or more banks. Before registering online, the consumer can also familiarize himself with the reviews of other clients of this or that bank in the “People’s rating” of

You can usually get plastic at a bank branch or by courier. But Russia is big: some clients live tens of kilometers from the nearest bank office, so some market participants send cards by mail.

Users of the portal from different regions of Russia can select and draw up advantageous offers.

Separately, it is worth considering the Halva installment card and the pros and cons of this type of product.

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