CREDO singer Guntis Veits: “You have to take care of your health while you still have it!”

The musician not only actively continues to give concerts, but also plays sports and spends a lot of free time on the water fishing.

The artist treats his health with the utmost seriousness, because he has understood that it should be taken care of in time and not wait for the moment when it will be necessary to start serious treatment of an admitted ailment. Therefore, Guntis tries not to allow the body to lack any vitamin for good health. “I can’t get everything I need through diet, so I try to supplement it by using various natural vitamins. Therefore, I rarely get sick, and there are no significant health problems. I look with confusion at my much younger acquaintances, who have apparently decided to wait for problems to appear, then start using something,” says the singer. Guntis emphasizes that you should start using natural vitamins early, because when you turn 50, you will have to start running to the doctors and complaining about your troubles. “And then you’ll have a whole drawer full of medicines, which you’ll take according to the table from morning to night; you will live in one pill. You should take care of your health while you are healthy, not only when you are already walking bent over!

And indeed, as research shows, we always have a lack of vitamins in our body, but we feel the consequences only years later, when they have accumulated in some serious illness. For example, when living with vitamin D deficiency, as 80% of Latvians do, not only the immune system suffers significantly. Bones and joints break down imperceptibly, but inevitably, because without vitamin D normal absorption of calcium cannot take place at all. Unfortunately, it is usually detected only when it starts to hurt and the bones are fragile, the joints are worn out. The same is the case with the deficiency of B12 and many other vitamins and other trace elements – we see the consequences of their deficiency only years later, and then it is often no longer possible to treat them effectively.

Also, according to my age, my bones are no longer what they were when I was young, in my time playing sports, I have received a lot of blows on my legs and joints, as well as lifting weights in the gym. Consequently, the joint pain already started to become bothersome. Recently, I had started using various pain relievers for my joints. I also drink calcium for bones and other things, but I didn’t get any improvement with that either.

Then one day an old friend called me and suggested I try a product that he says is good for hair, nails and bones. Since my biggest concern was my joints, this intrigued me and I decided to give it a try. Especially because it was not only completely natural, but also a product made in Latvia called EPSORIN.

When I bought it and started using it, I gave up those ointments relatively quickly, because they were no longer needed. Now it feels like this product is exactly what I need and so I decided to continue using it regularly.

Epsorin is developed from deer antlers and is able to safely replace many multivitamins that we normally use. The main thing is that there is no chemistry here, only natural stuff. It should not be used continuously, but as a course, no more than four bottles per year. Since it is a natural product of the animal kingdom, our body also absorbs it well and uses it effectively for our health.”

Epsorin is an effective tool not only for bone health. The rich composition, which includes almost all vitamins and amino acids necessary for human health, ensures its beneficial effect on immunity, cell regeneration, energy metabolism, hormonal and blood circulation, as well as other body systems. You can get acquainted with the full composition of Epsorin and its officially registered effects here.

Guntis admits: “Before I started using Epsorin, I thought that I was still very healthy, but it turned out that it can be even better. I recommend everyone to try it and see for yourself what changes you will feel after just a few bottles.”

As for the effect of Epsorin, those who suffer from weakness and lack of energy will feel it the fastest. The effect of Epsorin in such cases is felt already after 3-5 days of the course. Unlike the popular ginseng, Epsorin works not by depleting the cells’ energy, but by enriching them with the necessary nutrients. Thanks to this, after the end of the Epsorin course, there is no energy depletion, but its effect continues in the long term, and the next course can be started only after 3-6 months – depending on age and general state of health.

Apart from its natural and human body-friendly composition, Epsorin also has many other advantages unlike other vitamins:

* due to its liquid form, it enters the bloodstream already through the oral mucosa;

* does not contain gluten, lactose and other allergens;

* does not contain preservatives and GMOs.

Epsorin can already be bought in hundreds of pharmacies all over Latvia, but it is possible to get the best price for permanent use by ordering it with free delivery to Omniva parcels directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse.

Graduated pharmacist Agnese Alksne will advise you on the correct use of Epsorin during work.

Phone for consultations 22300041.

You can order the product from the manufacturer’s warehouse on its official website: or by phone at 22300061.

Today, Epsorīns can be bought in hundreds of pharmacies throughout Latvia, Mēnes aptieka, Latvian aptieka, Homeopathic, Saules and many others.

You can find the nearest pharmacy where you can buy Epsorin on this map:

You can watch the video recording of the interview with Gunti Veita here:

Epsorin has also helped Mārtiņš Vilson regain his energy and vitality.

The nutritional supplement does not replace a balanced and nutritious diet.

The article was written in cooperation with SIA “Correct”.

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