Creepy girl on snapchat has location? (Love and relationship, friendship, girl)

My friend has the snapmap on snapchat, so that you can see where he is and when he was last on snapchat.

Lately, since about Tuesday, I have been seeing that he is back on Snapchat more and more every few minutes. Which speaks for the fact that he is writing there with someone, probably a woman. He’s done that before, so this theory is pretty obvious.

I confronted him with it and he said he doesn’t write to anyone else and it could be a snapchat bug, but I don’t think so. He also said that he is honest and that I am the only one he writes with.

But why is he on snapchat every few minutes? (Because he hardly ever gets snaps from anyone) Can snapchat really be crazy in that case? Is he writing to someone else there again and lying to me again?

What do you all mean?


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