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Cremona: escape at 200 an hour in the night, the car of the thieves ends off the road


Dead one of the 3 fugitives, who after a theft had not stopped at a checkpoint of the carabinieri

A chase at a very high speed, in the night, on the provincial road 90 which connects Rivolta d'Adda with Pandino, in the province of Cremona. The protagonists were three thieves who, on board a stolen BMW, did not stop at a carabinieri checkpoint: the three of them lasted about fifteen minutes. Then the car, hounded by the military, has skidded because of the excessive speed (it seems over 200 km per hour) and has reversed ending up in a field adjacent to the provincial. The shock was very violent and saw the death of one of the three fugitives, a 31-year-old Albanian resident in Cassano. The other two, also Albanians, were rescued and transported to the Spedali Civili of Brescia and Maggiore Hospital in Cremona.
The carabinieri checked the car, finding cash in the trunk for thousands of euros, jewels and burglary tools.

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