Cri-Cri will have a theater in San Luis Potosí in March 2022

SLP.- The emblematic “Cri-Cri” will have a theater with its name in San Luis Potosí in March 2022, because the state governor Ricardo Gallardo announced the prompt inauguration of the venue in the municipality of Loneliness of Graciano Sanchez, with a show by the endearing “singing cricket”.

Through a video shared on social networks, the governor of San Luis Potosí announced that his administration resumed the theater project in Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, which had been detained due to lack of resources. The theater will be named after the composer Francisco Gabilondo Soler, known for creating the famous Cri-Cri character.

Ricardo Gallardo announced that the theater will be inaugurated during the month of March 2022, and inside it will be unpublished photos of Cri-Cri will be exhibited, in addition to offering a show with its songs performed by the San Luis Potosí Symphony Orchestra.

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The state president assured that the family of the Mexican composer will attend the event and even Francisco Gabilondo Soler’s violin will be taken to be played in the musical show.

“Tell them that (the theater) it will bear the name of Francisco Gabilondo Soler ‘Cri-Cri’, it will have unpublished photos of Cri-Cri inside the theater, it will be inaugurated with the State Symphony Orchestra, with the songs of Cri-Cri, with a show that Cri-Cri’s family will bring, the violin of Franciso Gabilondo Soler Cri-Cri will arrive to be touched”, explained the brunette.

Although the inauguration will take place in March, the governor of San Luis Potosí that the theater in Soledad de Graciano Sánchez is about to finish its construction, and is as big as the theater in La Paz, located in the capital of Potosí, although with more modern architecture.

“I want to tell you that the Soledad de Graciano Sánchez theater is already being finished, we will be inaugurating it in the first fortnight of March this year, It is a huge theater the size of the theater of La Paz, obviously with a more modern architecture”, explained Ricardo Gallardo.

The theater in the municipality of Soledad will not be the only space that will bear the name of Cri-Cri in San Luis Potosí. The same day that he announced the prompt inauguration of the theater, the governor announced that the state will have a park that will also bear the name of the Mexican composer.

The Francisco Gabilondo Soler Park Cri-Cri will be located in the wooded area of Tangamanga I, in the capital of Potosí, thanks to the agreement that the state government reached with the president of the Cri-Cri Foundation and grandson of the composer, Óscar Gabilondo Vizcaíno.

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“Today I received the grandson of the composer Francisco Gabilondo Soler at the Government Palace. We will work in 2022 at the Cri-Cri Park, which will be inaugurated in mid-February at Tangamanga I,” the politician announced on January 12 from his social networks.

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