Cricket is the way of football; Will need club’s permission to play in national team: Cummins

London – Australian captain Pat Cummins says that the Indian Premier League (IPL) has drastically changed the monopoly that international cricket had over the career and time of cricketers. Cummins also opined that it will be a tough challenge to persuade the players to give importance to international cricket over franchise cricket in the future. Cummins said that the action of Trent Boult, who rejected New Zealand Cricket’s contract to play in various Twenty20 leagues including the IPL, is an example of this.

“Earlier international cricket had a definite monopoly over the time of cricketers. However, the Indian Premier League changed this situation a decade ago. Many more such differences are yet to occur. We need a clear vision in this regard’ – said Cummins.

Cummins pointed out that motivating players to give importance to international cricket over various cricket leagues is also a big challenge in the current situation. “Playing for Australia should remain as important as ever. It should also be possible to ensure good performance from the players who want to play for Australia. That will be a big challenge in the current situation’ – said Cummins.

“It seems that the time has come to take a definite stand in this matter. Because thoughts related to this are gaining more importance now. Cummins pointed out that there is a possibility that there will be a difference in the 12-month long international cricket calendars.

Cummins also commented that cricket is going the way of football. Football players need permission from their clubs to play for the national team. Cummins’ response is that such a change may happen in future in cricket as well. “There are certain facilities that players get from franchise cricket. Considering them, we cannot blame the players for giving priority to league cricket. The time is not far when league cricket will gain importance. That is a reality. We see this change in other sports. So we have to make sure that playing for Australia remains something special for the players.’ – said Cummins.

“If we want to win the World Cup, we want to have the best players in the team. Same goes for the big series. But now there has been a significant difference in the interest of the stars as compared to before. Things seem to be going the way of football. The contract of the players is with the club there. Playing for them. If you want to play in the national team, you have to allow the club’ – Cummins pointed out.

English Summary: “IPL Changed Monopoly Of International Cricket On Players’ Time”: Pat Cummins