Crime arrow | Funeral of Javier Romero Miranda

Waiting for the coffin, in the front row, is Gustavo Giuseppe in his wheelchair: the son of Javier Alfredo Romero Miranda, born ten days ago, is still unaware of what happened to his father, killed in the night between Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 November, from an arrow shot in the historic center by the shipwright Evaristo Scalco, who is now in prison. The ceremony was organized entirely by the Municipality of Genoa through the subsidiary Asef, to assist the man’s family.

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Next to the newborn, the victim’s partner and family members: the five brothers and sisters, the eighteen-year-old daughter. The coffin was carried, to the applause of the Peruvian community, in front of the church of Santa Caterina in Portoria. Right under the windows of the courthouse where the prosecutor is working to do him justice.

On the coffin the flowers, a photo of Javier and the white and blue shirt of the Alianza Lima club, his favorite team. At 11 the service began in Spanish, the consul of the Peruvian community in Genoa Carlos Tavera Vega was also present: “We have great faith in justice and strongly feel the solidarity of the Peruvian, South American and Genoese communities. Peruvians in Liguria there are about 15 thousand, it is a community of workers, well integrated in the city, which cares about family values ​​and which is very law-abiding “.

In his homily, the priest, Fr Angelo Costa, recalled Miranda Romero’s love for life, family and sport. “Her disappearance leaves a great void in our hearts – said the priest – But ours is not a goodbye, he is a goodbye”.

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At the end of the funeral, the community gathered around Javier’s coffin. The elder sister thanked those present and remembered her brother as a sunny man and a hard worker, the eldest daughter and her partner also spoke in memory of her deceased father and husband. For the final farewell, the friends opened a bottle of rum and toasted to the cry of “Javier, present”.