Crime – Freiburg im Breisgau – nurse fined for attempted bodily harm – panorama

Freiburg (dpa / lsw) – A nurse has been fined by a court for attempted bodily harm. The 41-year-old defendant was accused of removing pain relief patches from three elderly people in a care facility. The woman is also not allowed to work as a nursing assistant for a year, the Freiburg district court ruled on Tuesday, according to a spokesman. (Az. 32 Ds 630 Js 9160/22)

The public prosecutor’s office had demanded a suspended prison sentence of six months and a professional ban. The defense pleaded for acquittal.

According to the court, the woman, who did not comment on the matter, must pay 150 daily rates as a penalty. Since these are based on income, the amount was not disclosed. Usually 30 daily rates correspond to a monthly net income.

The court could not determine whether the woman had abused wards in the Freiburg facility, as the spokesman reported. One patient had died, the other two were not able to be questioned. The question of whether the people actually felt pain because of the removed plasters could not be clarified in court either.

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