Crimea “returned” to Ukraine. The Russians themselves admitted it

On Twitter of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Sweden, there was a funny discredit of Putin’s propaganda. Wanting to show how perfect condition Russia and Belarus are, they unfortunately admitted that Crimea belongs to Ukraine. The slip-up did not escape the watchful eyes of Internet users, who very quickly gave vent to their attitude towards Russia. This was a major embarrassment for the Russian government, especially since the annexation of Crimea by Russia was highly controversial. Following the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, Crimea was “returned” to Ukraine, although this was not recognized by Russia. International condemnation of the annexation led to economic sanctions against Russia, which remain in place to this day. This slip-up on the Embassy’s Twitter shows that, despite their attempts to deny it, the Russian government is aware that Crimea is part of Ukraine and not their own.