Criminal lawyer warns about police abuse in Veracruz – Diario de Xalapa

Police abuses to the detriment of citizens will continue as long as article 371 of the State Penal Code remains in force that can put any citizen in jail when they are accused of assaulting the police, said the criminal lawyer Arturo Nicolás Baltazar.

He pointed out that after the repeal of two fractions of the article 331 of the State Criminal Codein which it was established that six months to two years in prison and a fine would be imposed on anyone who threatened or assaulted a public servant at the time of exercising their functions or because of them, Article 371 is still active, which is considered “a mirror article” of the other.

What does the current article state?

The current article punishes anyone who threatens or attacks a member or element of any institution of Public security municipal or state at the time of exercising their functions or because of them, which has been used by police officers to sow arms or accuse citizens of attempted homicide to take them to prison, according to the lawyer.

The corporations that have incurred the most in these practices are the Ministerial Police and the State Policeaccording to the litigant.

In addition, he maintained that at the time requests were made directly to the governor to receive specialist lawyers on the subject and they were never attended to, despite the fact that they tried to explain the seriousness of the matter.

He also spoke of the case of six young people detained on September 8, 2021 for alleged outrages against the authority and that they were released under an injunction in December of that year due to the lack of duly substantiated evidence and said to date it has not been disclosed what measures were taken against the elements that accused them and who apparently invented the assaults.

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During his participation in the conferences “The law as a tool for citizen empowerment”, organized by Citizen movement in this capital, he added that there is also a recommendation from the National Human Rights Commission addressed to the State Government and the Public Prosecutor’s Officeto whom it is pointed out that the fundamental rights of Veracruz citizens are violated, since crimes can easily be fabricated.

Even with the reform and repeal of the crime of outrage against authority, he pointed out, citizens remain defenseless, since “The rule of law in Veracruz is broken and there is absolutely no security for anyone.”

He also quoted: “To the misfortune of the people of Veracruz, the mirror article is still in force, which is 371 and which with the same ambiguity can put any citizen in jail in the face of allegations of assaults on the police.”