Criminologist Reveals Possible Causes of Minors Desperate to Rape Teenagers in Jakut

JAKARTA, – Four underage children took turns raping P (13) in the Urban Forest area, North Jakarta.

University of Indonesia (UI) criminologist Josias Simon believes that the perpetrators may be influenced by exposure to social media.

Easy access to gadgets is said to be one of the factors that triggers children to be desperate to commit rape.

“Using social media they can see so freely (adult content) on all kinds of gadgets. This may need attention, or the limitations of the application itself that this may and may not be (accessed),” said Josias to Kompas.comWednesday (21/9/2022).

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Contacted separately, UI criminologist Adrianus Eliasta Meliala said that the environment can also be a factor in child rape.

For information, the location of the residence of the four perpetrators is only about a few hundred meters from the place of prostitution.

Adrianus assessed that such an environment can indeed affect a child’s behavior.

The influence between the proximity of the house and the location of prostitution ultimately triggers children to dare to commit immoral acts.

“There is a possibility that the child has seen guests roaming around, and what is being done in the room. This is then imitated,” said Adrianus.

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“Considering that they do not or have not dared to hire prostitutes, then they are forcibly channeled it to their playmates,” he continued.

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The alleged perpetrator did not understand what rape was

On the other hand, Josias suspects that the perpetrator who is still a child may not understand what an immoral act is.

“The first may be related to understanding, some deviant behavior, which is not deeply understood by children,” he added.

Therefore, according to Josias, it is necessary to re-examine how the perpetrators understand this matter. That is, do they understand that rape is an unlawful act that can be punished.

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“So does (the perpetrator) understand that. This also has to be explored first,” said Josias.

This UI lecturer also highlighted the assistance to victims and perpetrators of child rape in the City Forest. The parties involved, he said, need to discuss what legal steps are best for them.

“For example, if you go to trial, you will also consider what is best for both, the perpetrator and the victim,” he explained.

For information, P was raped by four perpetrators aged between 11-13 years on Thursday (1/9/2022) in the urban forest, around 17.30 WIB.

Previously, Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for North Jakarta Metro Police AKBP Febri Isman Jaya said the rape allegedly stemmed from the victim’s rejection of love.

“If that’s the motive, that’s how it happened, because maybe one of these ABHs was rejected, maybe that’s the way it is,” said Febri when confirmed, Monday (19/9/2022).

The next day, the victim who was on his way home from school met the four perpetrators in the urban forest. There the perpetrators took turns raping the victim.

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The police received a report on this case on September 6, 2022, and immediately arrested the perpetrators of the rape on the same day.

Currently, the four are being placed in a rehabilitation center owned by the Ministry of Social Affairs in Cipayung, East Jakarta.

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