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CRISIS – Besides light, what does Venezuela lose with the blackouts?

Every time the electricity fails, Venezuelans know that they have lost much more than the light in the light bulbs, because they also turn off the telephone services, the Internet connection, the pumping of drinking water and another accumulation of aspects that when they work the easiest life.

Since the Venezuelan blackouts, frequent for years in remote regions of Caracas, became even more followed and prolonged, the oil country has lost about 500 million dollars every day that the Government has suspended work activities, according to Parliament estimates.

But beyond the money, there are items upset by the electrical crisis that began on March 7:

– Water

Although most Venezuelans do not have running water every day, the pipes go from wet to dry when there is a blackout and it is impossible to start the pumps that shoot the liquid into the communities.

Millions of Venezuelans flock to rivers and springs to obtain a few liters of water that allow them to clean or clean their homes, while others take advantage of the low rainfall to fill containers.

After the blackouts of recent weeks, the government has enabled water distribution points and cisterns, an option that some citizens pay from their own pockets with prices that sometimes exceed $ 200.

– Internet

Almost all Venezuelans use local Internet providers, whose supports collapse with blackouts, which can last 24, 48 or more than 72 hours.

Unofficial organizations estimate that since March 7, at least five times, 90% of Venezuelan Internet users have been cut off by power outages.

Without guaranteed success, citizens move to specific points in the cities where they are most likely to receive a signal, even if it is weak, that allows them to use social networks or communicate through WhatsApp.

– Telephony

Once the energy flow is interrupted, a telephone call is made uphill. Residential devices keep their operation only for short distance calls for a few hours.

The operation of mobile phones for these purposes is almost null and the poor luck will depend on the area in which they are and the time that the batteries last.

– Transportation

With thousands of buses paralyzed by the lack of spare parts, the few groups that operate are crowded, while most are forced to walk several kilometers in the middle of untimely cuts of light.

Those who have their own vehicle spend hours in the few gas stations that remain operational.

In the case of Caracas, the Metro underground service closes, so hundreds of thousands of people who use it daily rise to the surface and the collapse is more visible.

– Foods

In a country where there are few products for consumption, and those that are available are very expensive for most, losing a kilo of meat for lack of refrigeration is cause for concern.

There are numerous complaints from people throughout Venezuela who claim to have lost food that broke down after several days without electricity.

– Financial mobility

With the blackouts the banking entities close, the ATMs are inoperative, the datáfonos generally collapse and without Internet access the online banking also paralyzes.

Venezuela has a shortage of physical money for years, so this alternative is discarded and only serves for the few who have some tickets, local or foreign.

– Education

Since March 7, the students have stopped receiving classes at least 11 days by the Government's opinion and others due to blackouts in their communities, lack of water, transportation or any other problem of the crisis.

– Health

The failures presented by the health system, such as the shortage of medicines, are accentuated by the blackouts, which make medical consultations or elective surgeries stop and affect critical areas such as operating theaters, emergency rooms or care for chronic patients.

Hospitals are especially affected by the lack of water.

Patients who receive care in their homes and therefore are not benefited by government contingency plans must overcome problems such as the dependence on an oxygen machine, which requires electricity for its operation.



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