crisis… of laughter in Burgundy!

By dropping the masks, we finally found the pleasure of smiling. In the soap opera of 19/20, this week, we have decided to honor these artists from Bourgogne-Franche-Comté who are campaigning for the party to laugh at it, despite the crises we are experiencing. Play on power, improvisation match, skits or imitation. For the best… and for laughs!

Watching television during the news, we don’t often have the opportunity to smile at the moment. This is what we hope to offer you thanks to our series of reports on actors whose job it is to entertain us.

They are both one-man-show comedians. Antoine Demor and Victor Rossi made a career in Lyon, where there were many café-theatres, but they kept ties in Saône-et-Loire. Antoine has also created a festival, the Oenorires, in his home town, Givry. Victor, returns to him regularly in Saint-Igny-de-Roche, near Chauffailles.

Six years ago their project of play about power, “the price of ascension”. Both know the media for having worked for the written press or the radio. Memories of political science lessons for Antoine, interviews with enarques for Victor have made it possible to document this “comic fiction” already played out during the previous presidential election.

It is on view again, in Lyon, Comédie Odéon, until April 23, 2022. The story, that of Laurent and Brice. One is parachuted into the provinces where he will learn to know “France from below” before dreaming of the highest post in the state. The other begins at the Court of Auditors, where he will discover the joys of the French administration. Their journey will bring them closer, betrayals will get the better of their friendship.

video length: 04min 56

The Price of Ascension

©France 3 Burgundy

Report Arnaud Lefèvre, David Ségal, Joffrey Vanzwaelmen

We attended the long-awaited return of Quebec actors from the Ligue Nationale d’Improvisation. Their 2020 and 2021 tours had to be canceled. Delirium is guaranteed for a match against the Saint-Apollinaire Improvisation League. The rules are strict, but the imagination is limitless. In two times 45 minutes, the referee proposes categories, styles of play, different durations. The teams go to the “ice rink” together or each in turn.

Imagine what you would have to say on topics like ‘the butterfly effect’, ‘heat expert’, ‘arm of honor’, or ‘the untouchables’. The exercise requires great listening to others, imagination of course and a certain physical condition to intervene at any time.

Quebec actors are also expected for their expressions and their singing accent, they do not hesitate to add a little if necessary! If you missed this sold-out summit meeting, the region’s leagues offer fights all year round, the next ones in Besançon against Paris on May 12, Saint-Apollinaire against Tours on May 31.

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Improvised reunion

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Report Arnaud Lefèvre, David Ségal, Samuel Verrier

The Twins return to play on their Burgundian lands. Born in the Nièvre, they now live in another wine region, in Bordeaux, but they want to perform on familiar ground! Their show is a duo solo or vice versa. They tell their stories and answer the questions that everyone asks about twins.. Are they real twins? Do they share everything together? Are they the same age?! You will know almost everything about Anne and Sophie or about Sophie and Anne.

The twins lead a double game which makes them specific in the comedy show sector where new talents jostle to be programmed in café-theatres such as the Darcy Comédie, in Dijon. Anne and Sophie have chosen to disconnect from the news, they guarantee a show without a sketch on the Covid crisis!

video length: 04min 36

The Twins

©France 3 Burgundy

Report Arnaud Lefèvre, David Ségal, Hugo Leduc, Christophe Gaillard, Alexis Viloin

Beware of imitations. Those of Christian Legal have been entertaining us for 25 years already. The comedian from the Côte d’Or is writing his new show, where he puts new voices on his list, which already has 140. The only way to stand out is to offer artists who are rarely parodied: Julien Doré, Edouard Baer, ​​M, Cyril Hanouna… Its particularity, to imitate by speaking and singing. For him, everyone can get started, provided they develop their listening skills.

Christian Legal began by imitating Michel Boujenah, after attending a performance by Patrick Sébastien. Among his favorite targets, Muriel Robin, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker or Bourvil for whom he has a particular tenderness. With three authors, he refines the texts of the sketches and his press review. Every week, he publishes on his youtube channel the “illegal confessions of Christian Legal”.

video length: 04min 46

Christian Legal shows us the voice!

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Report Arnaud Lefèvre, David Ségal, Alexis Viloin

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