Crisis promised .. the end of the crisis of Al – Ahli player of the Zamalek star in basketball .. Details


The crisis ended, "Bridge" summit match between Al-Ahli and Zamalek in the round of 16 basketball, which won the red by 92-80, and the meeting witnessed a clash and clashes between the two players after the incident.

Ihab Amin, Ahli's player, and Mustafa Meshaal, Zamalek's player on the air, were reconciled on the air with the program "Stadium On", with the media Ahmed Schubert.

Ehab Amin, the Ahli player, stressed that he did not intend to provoke Zamalek players, and that his behavior is spontaneous and occurs in the stadiums of the NBA and the European league, and that he did so to pass the ball.

Al-Ahly player on the air apologized to Mustafa Meshaal, Zamalek player, saying "Mztlash Mona and your right to high," and Meshaal Zamalek player apologized to his counterpart Ahli, saying "the subject is over for me."

The Zamalek player said that "the behavior of Amin normal, but the timing is wrong, especially since ten seconds before the end of the game, the difference was more than 10 points in favor of Al-Ahli, and that this behavior made the players of the White team feel that ridicule them."

He added, "Meshaal," that the players of Al-Ahli continued with him after the game to reconcile him, as the two players exchanged joking on the air after the reconciliation between them.

It should be noted that Ihab Amin in the last second of the game passed the ball from the feet of Mustafa Meshaal, to witness the Al-Ahli Club verbal clashes and hands between the parties.


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