Cristián de la Fuente will star in a romantic comedy filmed in Texas

Chilean actor Cristián de la Fuente will be the protagonist of the new comedy “Switch Up”, which chose the Rio Grande Valley on the southern border of Texas as the setting, the artist announced at a press conference.

De la Fuente and Colombian actress Juieth Restrepo gave a press conference in South Padre Island, Texas, announcing the new film proposal.

“We never knew this place existed. It’s great that we’re making this movie here and it’s important. A lot of times you make movies in places where they pretend they’re somewhere else. Here this is what it is. We are showing Brownsville, South Padre,” De la Fuente said in statements picked up by KVEO television.

The Chilean actor’s opinion on the border area is shared by Restrepo, who noted that she was “impressed” with the Rio Grande Valley from the moment she arrived.

“I think it’s magical and I feel the warmth of the people. I feel like it’s a welcoming place.”

The love story will also touch on a very serious topic in the United States, said director and producer Tara Pirnia. “With Switch Up we are bringing to light a problem that we have, which is homelessness, and to clarify the problem, we are telling it in a lovely setting,” he said.

South Padre Island, San Benito, the port of Brownsville and Brownsville are part of the scenes of the film, which will begin shooting at the end of February.


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