“Cristiano or Messi? The strongest is Neymar, centered he remembers Ronaldo El Fenómeno”

Mircea Lucescu, at 75, has been in the elite of football for many decades. The veteran coach who directs Dynamo Kiev has offered an interview to the Tuttosport, in which he reviews all current issues. In so many years he has seen many great players pass before his eyes and now, of course, he is asked about the world number one. “Cristiano or Messi? Right now the strongest is Neymar. When he is fit and healthy, he even makes Mbappé better. Ney reminds me of Ronaldo, The Phenomenon. He is the best of all when he is focused and is not distracted by other things, “explains the Romanian, alluding to what was seen in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals against Bayern.

Of course, Lucescu does not understand the criticism of Cristiano at Juventus or that anyone believes that the team is better without him. “Let’s not joke! CR7 has played CR7, scoring as much as ever: when you look at him, he doesn’t look like a 36-year-old player. If you have Ronaldo, you have to support him: the impression, speaking from the outside, is that some teammates have made less than expected. In any case, we must congratulate Inter: Conte has done a great job and is deservingly winning the Scudetto. That after nine years a club other than Juve is going to win it is good for Italian football ” .

Lucescu has also experienced everything in football. The Bosman Law, the birth of the Champions League and the current split attempt. “The Super League is an ugly story, the worst I have ever experienced in football. And although I feel very young, I am 75 years old and I have seen all kinds of things. The Super League is bad because football was born as an accessible sport. everyone, starting with the poorest. Wanting to turn it into something elitist is wrong and dangerous. Do you know why? It would become a tournament for the rich on the court and in the stands: normal people couldn’t afford to buy tickets to the show they have. Look at these companies. Soccer is competition not entertainment for a few like theater. You have to look for the show in a different way ”, says the veteran coach.

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