Cristiano Ronaldo: Cute bus scene with a little fan

Cristiano Ronaldo, here on September 15, 2022, has shown a special reaction to a brave Mini fan.

There were heartbreaking scenes surrounding Manchester United’s Europa League duel at FC Sheriff Tiraspol. A small fan made his way to his star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Since a mini fan has taken a big heart!

In order to be very close to his idol Cristiano Ronaldo (37), a little boy made his way through the barrier and even outwitted the security guards. His courage was rewarded.

Cristiano Ronaldo shows special reaction to mini-fan

In the Europa League, Manchester United played a group match against Moldovan club FC Sheriff Tiraspol (September 15, 2022). There was a particularly sweet scene between a fan and Cristiano Ronaldo surrounding the duel.

In a video that has since been circulating on TikTok, Manchester supporters can be seen waiting for their team to board the team bus – and a young boy having a huge fan moment.

Because when he sees his idol, he makes his way through the barrier. Although security guards are still trying to stop the child in the red Angelo jersey, he escapes them – and actually makes it.

He then shows no fear of contact with Ronaldo, falls around the legs of the 37-year-old superstar and doesn’t let him go at first.

And Ronaldo? He smiles, lovingly strokes the little fan’s back and signals a teammate to bring him a pen.

After another hug between the two, Ronaldo takes the little one by the hand and walks with him in the direction of the team bus. There you will get the long-awaited autograph on the back of the jersey – and with it a fulfilled wish to have a child. (ra)