“Cristiano Ronaldo did not feel loved or respected at Juventus” – Marseille News

10/29/2021 at 7:12 PM CEST

The passage of Cristiano Ronaldo for Juventus left more pain than glory in memory of the Italian faithful. Despite the fact that the Portuguese offered beautiful evenings to the Turin fans, ‘CR7’ has not finished giving the expected performance when the transalpinos incorporated it.

Proof of this are the statements of the president of the Italian entity himself, Andrea Agnelli, who said that ” Juve is above everyone“However, several voices from the football world have also spoken in defense of the Manchester United striker and one of them has been that of Patrice evra.

In this sense, the one who was a companion of Cristiano Ronaldo in its first step in the Manchester United explained in an interview for the Italian media ‘La Reppublica’ his version of the Portuguese march, stating that: ” in Turin, he felt neither loved nor respected. There came a time when he became the scapegoat bad results and feared to have been considered the first culprit ”.

It is precisely for the reasons that he explains Euro, for which – according to the French himself – when United called him « Cristiano didn’t think twice. Manchester is her greatest love, where no one would dare to criticize or disrespect him “, explained the former player who, to conclude the interview, also added that” when Allegri said that (Christian) I wouldn’t have played all the games, it affected him. You must not say certain things in public, you must say it in private ”.