Cristiano Ronaldo displays his prominent abs under the sun, Georgina Rodriguez much more erased …

It is a tragedy that seemed difficult to overcome and yet, three weeks after the death of his son during the delivery of his companion Georgina Rodriguezthe football player Cristiano Ronaldo tried to look better, to continue to climb the slope. On April 18, the Portuguese star announced with great emotion that one of her twins had not survived childbirth. A terrible news that has plunged his family into sadness, even if despite everything his little girl is in very good health.

Only a few days later, the 37-year-old striker made his comeback on the football pitch in a brilliant way, scoring very quickly. It must be said that the wave of tributes from football fans must have warmed his heart. Three weeks later, things already seem to be going better for Cristiano Ronaldo and his 28-year-old girlfriend. A few hours ago, the Portuguese posted a photo on his Instagram account that should delight his fans. Followed by more than 439 million subscribers on the platform, he is the most popular personality on the social network.

The couple aboard a yacht in the open sea

In the photo uploaded, you can see Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez enjoy a beautiful moment together, during a short romantic getaway. Torso not, the beautiful kid displays a plastic always so irreproachable. Smiling, he seems to want to be happy and peaceful and he makes the most of the good weather on a yacht in the open sea. By his side, the Latina bomba unfortunately looks much less in shape, perhaps tired by the arrival of her little Bella Esmeralda three weeks earlier and by the ordeal they have just experienced. Cap on her head and sunglasses, she does not display the same energy as her companion, but this can be understood as a new baby requires constant attention in the first months. In any case, the publication had its effect and in just a few hours, it has already received several million likes.