Cristiano Ronaldo: Ferencavros player told anecdote when ‘CR7’ denied him the shirt | Juventus vs Ferencavros | Champions League | Italy | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

Cristiano Ronaldo, player of Juventus, made a rude last meeting of Champions League which was played in Hungary against Ferencavros. This was affirmed by Marcel Heister, a club player, who told ‘Goal’ and ‘Spox’ in an interview that he refused to give it to him, responding in a bad way.

This gesture, common among footballers such as the exchange of shirts, went unnoticed in the middle of the game. However, days later this story was told that leaves a bad image of the Portuguese player.

It depends a lot on the mood you are in and sometimes you just don’t want to do it not out of rudeness, if not out of a simple reaction. For Heister, this was what happened to Cristiano Ronaldo in the game that his team, Ferencavros, played against Juventus.

That day, the victory went to those led by Andrea Pirlo, the Turin team was superior and they won 4-1 against the rookie Hungarian team. Heister did not expect this result, but as a consolation prize he looked for the Cristiano Ronaldo shirt and did not achieve it.

“He just dismissed dismissively when I asked for the elastic. Maybe it’s because he didn’t score us … ”, said the Ferencvaros man in an interview with ‘Goal’ and ‘Spox’.

Another theory of the player was that: “Maybe it was because I took the ball from him when he was trying to dribble. There was a photograph … I posted it on Instagram. It was the most beautiful thing in my life ”. Generating more controversy before the rudeness of ‘CR7 ′.



The wish of the president of CONMEBOL with Lionel Messi.



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