Cristiano Ronaldo hires former Afghan fighters to protect Georgina Rodríguez’s pregnancy

  • They are two tanned twin brothers in the Portuguese Commandos

  • Cristiano wants Georgina Rodríguez to have total peace of mind

Cristiano’s new escorts are Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro. After passing through the Middle East, they became part of an escort unit for the elite of the Portuguese Police. Now they have left their positions to put themselves under the orders of the forward.

The Ramalheiro –according to the Portuguese press- were part of the special forces unit called Commandos, created in Angola in 1962: “They are capable of mingling with the crowd, but are quick to think, see and act in the right moment”.

Cristiano Ronaldo has asked them to “dress elegantly and discreetly” and be prepared to travel abroad accommodating the Manchester United striker ‘s complicated schedule.

Ansu Fati, the last to suffer a robbery

The assaults on their homes are constant among footballers in recent years. Casemiro, Isco Alarcón and Sara Sálamo, Lucas Vázquez or Joaquín are some of the players who have suffered them.

A relative of Ansu Fati decided to go up to see what was happening and it was when they found out about the robbery at that moment that was when the authorities were notified. The Mossos d’Esquadra de Sant Cugat appeared, but there was no longer any trace of the perpetrators of the crime. Luckily, the incident did not pass to greater.