Cristiano Ronaldo shows abs in a photo with Georgina

    Cristiano Ronaldo had been quite some time without showing off his muscles on social networks. Not because his body has undergone a transformation and no longer looks as brutal as before, but because the footballer was focused on other things such as his recent fatherhood or the setbacks that this beautiful news also meant in his life and in that of his partner Georgina Rodriguez. Precisely it has been in a photo with her where Ronaldo has returned “to take off his shirt” wearing his defined six pack (see the 25 best exercises for your abs and core). It has been a nice image of the two that the Portuguese has shared on his Instagram profile.

    The photo seems to be taken on a boat, so we do not know if it is a current image of the two on vacation or if it is rescued from another previous trip. With a concise “❤️😘” Cristiano gives the title to this publication that has already accumulated millions of ‘likes’ and thousands of other comments full of hearts towards the couple -although there is also some “return to Real Madrid”-.

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    for the print, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina have agreed when it comes to wearing accessories, both with caps (he’s white backwards and she’s black by Balenciaga) and black-rimmed sunglasses. Georgina also wears a very cool white shirt from the Champions brand -one of those simple ones with the brand’s logo that we like so much- that she wears tied around her waist.

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