Cristiano Ronaldo. The end is coming

The end of the cycle usually leaves a feeling of emptiness. In matters related to the passions that keep the world turning, it is very difficult to perceive when that end will come. And so many times, transitions happen so naturally, that you don’t even know the exact moment when something ended.

Barcelona’s way of playing, both from Rijkaard and Guardiola, We normalize it to such an extent that we never imagine that it would cease to exist and that, perhaps, we will never see such a beautiful game again. Thus, without realizing it, the best team in history ceased to be, and no one messed up because life He runs so fast that everything seems disposable.

This Sunday, though only time will tell, we could have witnessed the last presentation of Cristiano Ronaldo on the international stage. CR7 is 36 years old, an age in which footballers are in full decline or, directly, already living from their old glories. It is not the case. The Lusitano said goodbye to the Euro as scoring leader and, perhaps, he will be crowned the tournament’s scoring champion despite the early elimination. This is the size of this footballer.

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By Qatar 2022, it will be almost 38 years old. The calendar plays against him, this Cup will not be played in summer but in winter and those months, at the age he will be, can be key. It is impossible to know in what physical conditions it will arriveAlthough we could bet that he will continue to work his body to remain that perfect machine. But in football there are imponderables and, although today they march calmly in the tie, your selection could be one of those factors.

In the Euro, the two old men (Pepe and CR7) continued to be the leaders of a team that, clearly, for now cannot establish their hopes in Joao Félix. But there could also be an injury or something that escapes Cristiano’s professionalism. That is to say that the margin is narrowing us, any little thing could mean that last Sunday we saw him for the last time in a great tournament of selections.

And the same happens with Messi, Qatar could mean your goodbye. Maybe he has one more America’s Cup left. But the reality is that the end of this footballing era is near; Xavi’s retirement, Iniesta’s exile, as well as the absence of Sergio Ramos in the Eurocup they are unmistakable signs of the soccer apocalypse of the first two decades of this century.

Addendum. Knut ha visto all the matches of the Euro and America’s Cup. He asked me, and I quote, “What the hell are they playing on this side of the world?” I just warned him that the Gold Cup is coming.

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