Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Coca-Cola: Ingenious Argentine parody

The CNN chain whose headquarters coincide with that of Coca-Cola in the city of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, reported that: “The Coca-Cola Company sent a request for comment from CNN to the UEFA statement in which the organization indicates that the beverage company “offers a variety of drinks to suit different tastes and needs, which are available to players throughout the tournament. This includes isotonic waters, juices and sports drinks, coffee and tea, as well as Coca-Cola. Players are offered water, along with Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, upon arrival at our press conferences and can choose their preferred beverage. “

This statement suggests that the damage caused to the image of the largest beverage company in the world by the Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo was very important, as he discarded two bottles from the main sponsor of the tournament of European nations in front of millions of people.

The newspaper The Country of Spain reported a couple of days ago that: “The gesture has cost the firm nearly $ 4 billion in stock market value. “

Since now, the parody has been the order of the day for 48 hours and even other technicians and players have made fun of the situation.


The event caused by Cristiano Ronaldo in the Eurocopa, cutting bottles from the sponsor Coca-Cola, generated a parody that is repeated. Here the Chilean and the WhisCola

The same joke went viral by changing nationalities and drinks.

A Chilean and a Argentinian they decided to continue the Cristiano Ronaldo sequence in similar ways.

Which one has seemed funnier?