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Original title: Cristiano Ronaldo warns Portugal: Have not won anything yet must respect the opponent

After beating Turkey in the European play-offs of the World Cup qualifiers, Portugal will face North Macedonia in the final. In the semi-finals, North Macedonia unexpectedly beat Italy, leaving the Azzurri out of the World Cup for two consecutive years.

As the star of the Portuguese team, Ronaldo also posted on social media, reminding his teammates to be wary of the North Macedonia opponent. Cristiano Ronaldo wrote: “We have taken the first step towards our great goal of reaching the 2022 World Cup. However, we have not won anything, have not gained anything. We must continue to work seriously, Show respect to our opponents, but at the same time believe in your own abilities. Go Portugal! Go to Qatar!”

Portugal coach Santos said: “Everyone knows what will happen, except the people of North Macedonia. This is a final, and the final is very difficult. I have been through many moments like this, so I know what I am saying now. What. At the end of the day, the game is there to win and we will play it with the same respect we did against Turkey.”

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