Cristina Saavedra’s little sister dies twelve days after losing her grandmother

Just a few days after the death of your grandmother, Cristina Saavedra now faces pain phearing the loss of his little sister. The presenter of ‘LaSexta Noticias’ made the sad news public on social networks, where she thanked the displays of affection she has received in recent days.

“Twelve days after my grandmother died, on the 17th my little sister passed away. That life can be excruciatingly wicked, we know. That inside you still have strength even if you think not, you discover it. Thank you for so much affection and love that we receive these days, “he wrote.

The journalist has received a barrage of messages full of affection, as already happened when just three weeks ago he said goodbye to his grandmother: “My grandmother. The other woman who raised me. My teacher. What an honor to carry your blood. I already miss you so much …“He then wrote on Instangram.” That photo is from last New Year’s Eve while I was preparing our grapes. How much are you going to miss every day, old lady …“, he added.