Of all professions, psychologists, doctors, nurses and social workers most often say that they find their job emotionally demanding. Agents, firefighters, teachers and teachers often call their work emotionally heavy. The Central Bureau of Statistics investigated this.

The survey, among thousands of employees, was conducted in 2018, well before the coronavirus outbreak. It is striking that the ten occupational groups with the greatest emotional burden are all on the list of professions that, according to the government, are crucial to keep society running at the moment.

“That emotional demanding is also strongly reflected in what you hear in the news every day, in all those conversations with these people,” says Tanja Traag of Statistics Netherlands. “If we did the research again today, it is safe to assume that that tax will have increased tremendously.”

More than half of psychologists and sociologists say that work demands a lot from them, most of all professions. This share is almost as high among social workers and specialist nurses.

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