Criticism of the echo getting sharper


As of: 16.04.2018 | Reading time: 4 minutes Klaus Voormann has returned his life-work echo. Photo: Jörg Carstensen Source: dpa-infocom GmbH Usually you like to put trophies on the shelf. But at the echo, some artists see it differently. After the debate over anti-Semitic texts by award winners Rapper Farid Bang and Kollegah, the music award is highly controversial. B erlin / Munich (dpa) – So far, the Echo was a prestigious award in the music industry. But after the appreciation for the controversial rapper Kollegah and Farid Bang prizewinners take distance. Klaus Voormann, friend and companion of the Beatles, gave back on Monday the echo for his life’s work. “What felt like a gift for me on the occasion of my 80th birthday, now turns out to be a great disappointment,” said the musician and graphic designer on Monday in Munich With. Previously, the Notos Quartet had already gone Berlin explains his echo Classical to return from last fall. He is now a “symbol of shame” for her. The singer Peter Maffay called on those responsible to resign. Other musicians and cultural activists vented their displeasure, causing the Bundesverband Musikindustrie to revise the concept of the award. Reason for the protest storm is the album “Young, Brutal, Good Looking 3”, for which the two rapper were honored on Thursday evening with an echo. It is criticized as anti-Semitic because of lines such as “My body more defined than by Auschwitz inmates” and “Make another Holocaust, come on with the Molotov”. The echo is based among other things on the sales figures. “What has to happen, that an ECHO ethics council takes consequences and rejects a nomination in spite of an album’s billions for ethical reasons?” Voormann asked. “Provocation is allowed and sometimes even necessary to give food for thought,” said the bassist. But the limit to inhumane, misogynist, racist, anti-Semitic and glorifying violence utterances and deeds must not be exceeded. Voormann will turn 80 on April 29 and has designed the cover of the Beatles’ famous “Revolver” album. Also rock singer Wolfgang Niedecken (67), who had given Voormann the echo, made sharp reproaches to the Echo organizers. He and Voormann were “quite simply let down the knife” at the music awards ceremony, “wrote the BAP musician Facebook , Niedecken explained that he did not know the lyrics of the rappers. «In the penultimate show act, we were confronted with the inhuman brutality of the two pseudo-musicians, but without understanding any of their babbling. Text intelligibility: Nonsmoking. And then our two guitars were already on stage and I had to decide in a flash how I should behave adequately. » rock musician Peter Maffay saw a lack of sensitivity that was unbearable. “One would have to be aware that such an escalation would occur,” he said in an interview with the German Press Agency. “That’s why these responsible positions include people who are aware of this responsibility and do not delegate it to a so-called ethics council who goes to the diving station.” There must be a basic ethical understanding that is binding on all. “Those who do not stick to it can not expect to be considered in the echo.” Another set of rules and more transparency is necessary in the opinion of Maffay. “If that does not happen, then the echo has no raison d’être,” he said. On Facebook, he also wrote that especially in view of the German past, the price for the rapper is a “slap in the face of democratic understanding in our country”. At the award ceremony on Thursday evening – the Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel – Among other things, Campino, the singer of the Toten Hosen, had taken a stand on stage. “When it comes to misogynist, homophobic, right-wing extremist and anti-Semitic insults” was the limit for him exceeded. «When is the moral threshold reached?». Nevertheless, the rappers were later awarded. Under loud boos and whistles Kollegah showed a cartoon Campinos, with halo. Although the artistic director and managing director of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim, Udo Damen, spoke out in favor of an echo reform, he does not want to fundamentally shake the award. “We would do well to hold on to him and continue writing. But the conditions under which it is awarded must be changed, “he said in an interview by” Stuttgarter Nachrichten “and” Stuttgarter Zeitung “(Tuesday edition). “The nominations must be set differently and the event itself should be different.” Facebook entry Peter Maffay


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