Criticism of the Petro government, after a photograph shared by Mauricio Lizcano

The director of the Administrative Department of the Presidency (Dapre), Mauricio Lizcano, shared a photograph through his personal Twitter account in which he is in the company of the new president of the nation, Gustavo Petro.

In the image you can see that on a table there is a chocolate cake with five candles on it. Lizcano took the opportunity to thank the president for having had the gesture of celebrating his birthday, even in the midst of a hectic and cumbersome schedule.

“Thank you, President, for your gesture of celebrating my birthday in the midst of such a busy schedule.”

The comments from Internet users on the social network were immediate; this after the Petro government announced, in the proposal for the new tax reform, the increase in the tax on beverages with a high sugar content. The measure, according to the government, is given that the long-term consumption of these products generate diseases such as obesity or diabetes.

This is why some people criticized the fact, since the cake is loaded with chocolate. Some in their comments assured that this was a double standard, because, according to them, the government ratified making decisions in order to take care of the health of Colombians, but they do not take care of their own.

These are some of the comments.

“But what is that? Isn’t that a cake? And covered in chocolate? And isn’t that bad for your health?

“Don’t you say that it is taught by example? Identical to the rulers of Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Nicaragua and Peru, they say one thing and do another, screw the people with limitations, but they secretly enjoy what they prohibit, you cynical h**!! !

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“Hey, and is the cake made from marijuana? Or do you eat chocolate cake with delicious sugar and that’s if it doesn’t matter? Oh the #WretchedLeft and its inconsistency.

“¿@petrogustavo And didn’t he say that those products caused diabetes? Silly excuses! He only wants to finish the mills to buy sugar from Cuba. Help her friend and Colombia impoverishes her. Traitors!”.

“Jarning ultra-processed products? Lizcano, are bad for health and fatten. Petro, his henchmen and coherence”.