Criticism of varying Expedition Robinson rules

What is the difference between chocolate brownies and a pizza?asks Dennis Jansen, Expeditie Robinsonwatcher of the AD, wonders aloud in a new piece. Crazy question for someone who has missed even one episode, but the thing is: Annemiek Koekoek, who is not really liked by viewers, won a test last Thursday. On to winner’s island, with a box full of brownies. Nicolette really didn’t let her share that prize before she got on the boat. “They are for winner island.” Kaj Gorgels thought differently about this…

‘Random Robinson Rules’

Winning trials is therefore also a great option to get food, which the infamous Mars lady – if she did exist – would not have received that memo! Anyway: Jasime Sendar turned out to be Sunday’s test boss and she was given a greasy bite in the form of a soggy pizza. “I leave this choice up to youKaj Gorgels said when Jasmine asked if she could share this. And of course she handed out slices.huh? How? Total randomness, which symbolizes the entire Robinson series“, Dennis Jansen sneezes. He was not the only one who reacted indignantly…

More crazy Robinson twists

We could say more… crazy things. For example, one camp received a professional fisherman who taught the islanders to fish like a boss, while that best man did not come to the other island. Dennis has even more strange examples. “In one camp the trial winner can vote, in the other he already goes to Winners Island. One gets a black vote in the event of a loss, the other does not.“It all doesn’t go well with each other, says the journalist.”What happened to Robinson’s screenwriter this year?

Expeditie Robinson can be seen every Thursday at 20:30 and every Sunday at 20:00 on RTL 4.

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