[Critique] «Dropout Boogie», The Black Keys

Two is already famous. Predictable, yes, but reliable: childhood buddies Dan Auerbach and Pat Carney are still (in heart and soul) the champions of their garage, eternal “drop-outs”. At the eleventh album in two decades, despite the side projects, it holds. The title, Dropout Boogie, is in this a kind of profession of faith. An ode to orthodoxy and good noise. After their trip last year in the muddy waters of the Mississippi, recharging one’s batteries among the pioneers, here are our kids in their raw state again, their forties brandished high, chopsticks in the air and guitar playing: from Wild Child, a distorted riff on purpose, the chorus sings. Soul more southern than nature (It Ain’t Over), electric blues that rises from the delta to Chicago (For the Love of Money). Until Billy F. Gibbons, of ZZ Top, who is there, just to mark these oxen of category A. Originality? To others. Even at skyrocketing gas prices, it could keep you rolling all summer.

Dropout Boogie

★★★ 1/2


The Black Keys, Nonesuch

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