Croatian Zlatko Saracevic, iconic player then coach, is dead

He was a legendary player before converting into a recognized coach, for men and then for women. Zlatko Saracevic died on Sunday of a heart attack at the age of 59, the Croatian press indicates. He was coaching his team from Koprivnica during the shock against Lokomotiv Zagreb (32-29 victory) when, after the post-match press conference, the accident occurred. Taken care of immediately, he did not survive.

Seven seasons in France

Very talented right-back in the 1980s, Yugoslav international, Saracevic collected medals with his selection: Olympic gold in 1996 (plus bronze in 1988), the world title in 1986 (plus silver in 1995) and a European bronze in 1994.

In club, he failed three times in the final of the Champions League. He played in France for seven seasons, in Bordeaux (1990-1991), Nîmes (1991-1994), Créteil (1994-1995) and Istres (1995-1997).

He then started as a coach, where he coached in recent years teams playing in the Champions League, Zagreb for men (season 2017-2018) and Koprivnica for women (since 2018).



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