Crocs are making a comeback – record sales thanks to home office

Despised by millions, bought by millions: The American company Crocs is the only shoe manufacturer in the world that is currently posting increasing sales.

Colorado – Whether you love them or hate them, Crocs are making a comeback. The chunky plastic shoe from the USA even made it onto the red carpet this year. Thanks to the musical director of the Academy Awards, Ahmir Khalib Thompson (50), better known by his stage name Questlove, who wore a couple sprayed with gold paint to this year’s Academy Awards.

But that alone does not indicate a revival of the perforated slippers with heel straps, which first experienced a hype in 2007 because the then US President George Bush was caught in them by a paparazzo.

The latest sales figures for the Colorado-based company, which was founded in 2002, provide better evidence of the consumers ‘newly awakened love for colorful Crocs’ clogs. One day after the Oscars, Crocs was even able to announce a new record in sales for the first three months of this year. In the same press release, the company raised its sales forecast for 2021. As the only shoe manufacturer in the world.

Crocs is experiencing sales growth – the ultimate home office shoes

As reported by, the company’s sales in the first quarter increased by a whopping 64 percent compared to the same period last year. The demand for the all-purpose shoes is “stronger than ever before,” said the company’s CEO, Andrew Rees. Crocs is clearly one of the beneficiaries of the corona pandemic.

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It is no coincidence that various Crocs models occupy the top five places on Amazon’s top 20 list of best-selling shoes. Because Crocs are the home office shoes par excellence. They are considered comfortable and – made of antibacterial foam resin – hygienic. Two very beneficial properties in virus-heavy times.

In 2008, Ökotest magazine found potentially harmful substances in the “Cayman” model, but these have long since been removed, says Crocs. Fans of the kicks, including surgeons, hobby gardeners and housewives, rave about the shock-absorbing feel and the resilience of the shoe.

In addition, the design of the Crocs “Classic” is gender-neutral * – which means that the manufacturer hits another nerve of the times. As far as the look of the shoe, which “TIME Magazine” once called “one of the 50 worst inventions of all time”, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

Crocs are back in fashion: influencers at TikTok wear clogs

On TikTok, where the brand name Crocs has already been hashed around 1.6 billion times, influencers post videos in which they jump around in their shoes or show which outfit they combine with the kicks. Celebrities like the rapper Post Malone and artists like Takashi Murakami also put their style on the shoes, which are then sold in limited editions.

Teen crush Justin Bieber, a role model for millions of young people around the world in terms of hairstyle and six-pack abs, was spotted strolling through Los Angeles in a bright yellow pair of Crocs and a gold Rolex on his wrist * in the fall of 2020. It was a pair from the “Crocs x Justin Bieber” collection, which the singer is said to have helped to design.

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The desirability of the Crocs increases in waves. The last global run on shoes was four to five years ago. Back then, top designers like Christopher Kane ennobled the shoe by adding their signature to it and sending it down the catwalk – since then things have become a little quieter for the Crocs.

After Corona pushed the Crocs wave again and the imposed curfews offer a plausible reason to slip into maximally functional and comfortable footwear, stars also dare to approach the visually questionable slippers.

Questlove’s choice of shoes for what is probably the most glamorous award ceremony in the world was probably less a calculated PR coup than pure pragmatism. As photos show, the artist, who has led the orchestra during the Oscar awards since 2018, was responsible for this year’s background music at the DJ booth – standing.* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA