Cross-hatchback Audi A1 Allstreet introduced a new name

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Audi has announced the renaming of its most compact cross-model. The raised hatchback Audi A1 Citycarver, which debuted three years ago, will henceforth be called the Audi A1 Allstreet. The car itself has not changed: it is still a five-door “one” with a 40 mm increased ground clearance, original bumpers, a plastic body kit around and other small decor. Only the nameplates are new. In Germany, the Audi A1 Allstreet costs from 23,200 euros.

The company did not name the reason for the renaming. Perhaps Audi had some patent disputes because of the Citycarver name. But it is more likely that marketers simply decided to bring the names of cross-versions to a single style: compact models with front-wheel drive have the Allstreet prefix, and larger all-wheel drive cars have Allroad. After all, initially the name Allroad did not go to the A1 model just because of the lack of all-wheel drive. In addition, a similar version should soon appear in the older Audi A3 hatchback: prototypes with increased ground clearance have already been seen in tests.

Meanwhile, a new package of Black Optics Pro options has been proposed for the Audi A4 Allroad cross-station wagon. It includes an expanded set of black elements: mirror housings, side window trims, roof rails, exhaust pipes and much more are painted in this color. Such a package can be ordered for 775 euros.



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