Crowds Cancel Buying Avanza, New Model Gets IDR 10 Million DP!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Ahead of the launch of the new Toyota Avanza, dealers have started to open orders with a cash scheme booking up to IDR 10 million. Although there has been no release of official specifications regarding the new Avanza, dealers are confident in accepting orders for this car.

“Now it’s available to order. major change the changes,” said a Toyota Salesperson in Jakarta who did not want to be named to CNBC Indonesia (28/10/21).

The effect of circulating information about the release of the new Avanza makes consumers hold back and even cancel the purchase of the old Avanza.

Over the past few years, information about the new Avanza has indeed spread. A number of differences have begun to appear, namely a major change from the exterior. The dealers also admit that the changes are clearly visible.

One of the things that stole the most attention was the shape that was originally a low MPV style, now it will become an SUV. However, that’s just a leak and Toyota hasn’t officially released it yet.

For those who are interested in asking for the new version of the million people’s car, they need to spend money for a finished sign.

“The down payment for the order is Rp. 10 million,” said the salesperson.

If you really have an interest in this car, you should start square off from now on. Because, in the near future this car will be released.

“Info launching the end of this month or the beginning of November, I just haven’t received the official email for the launch,” he explained.

The signal for the presence of the new Avanza has already begun to be seen from the new product code released by the government. The code is suspected to be Avanza, the codes are W100RE and W101RE and appear in the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation Number 40 of 2021 concerning the Basic Calculation of the Imposition of Motor Vehicle Taxes and Motor Vehicle Transfer Fees in 2021.

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