Thursday, April 25, 2019
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"Cruel, sloppy, unnecessary, racist": John Oliver discharges himself on Trump in a fiery rant

John Oliver ran for president Donald Trump on Sunday because he was afraid of immigration, especially because of the caravan of asylum seekers who were on foot from Central America.

"Women do not want them in our country," Trump claimed last week. "Women want security. Men do not have them in our country, but women do not want them. Women want security. "

Oliver summed it up:

"Impressive! Young, strong men invade our country and come for our wives, that's a long-standing racism, and I'm really surprised that the image does not automatically turn black-and-white when talking, like" Pleasantville "in the reverse."

Last week's presenter spent much of his show rethinking Trump's family separation policy, given the news that the president may be trying to somehow bring her back to deter the migrants' caravan. Oliver said Trump's plan to achieve interim immigration migration was good.

"Let's do that," said Oliver. "Family separation is perhaps the most symbolic moment of his presidency so far: it was cruel, sloppy, unnecessary, racist, and ultimately, exactly what we should expect."

See his entire segment in the clip above.

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