Cruel treatment: arrested for slapping his 4-year-old daughter

In the video, which was widely disseminated, the 4-year-old girl is seen sitting in a chair while her father assaulted her.


06:24 PM / 04/08/2020

The slapping and mistreatment he gave his daughter were recorded. The events took place in La Guaira and the video that outraged those who saw it went viral this Monday, August 3. The result: the man was arrested.

They identified him as Franklin Daniel Amezquita Cardona, 36. In the video, the 4-year-old girl was sitting in a chair while her father attacked her.

He was apprehended in record time by officials from the Cicpc and the municipal police.

Amezquita is at the order of the Public Ministry and the attorney general, Tarek William Saab reported, on the afternoon of this Tuesday 4-A, on twitter: #AHORA detained at the order of the Public Ministry (Vargas) the subject Franklin Daniel Amesquita Cardona: who he repeatedly injures his underage children .. he will be #IMPUTED of CRIMES: Cruel Treatment of children and adolescents (aggravated), continued action and Injuries.

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