Cruise: My Ship Announces Corona Virus Consequences!

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Cruise: My TUI ship announces drastic consequences for corona virus!

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on 04.03.2020 at 9:31 p.m.

A coronavirus outbreak is to be prevented by all means on the TUI cruise fleet Mein Schiff

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In times of the corona virus, traveling becomes riskier and more difficult. Especially who’s one cruise booked, is probably already worried. Only recently the Aida Perla was not allowed to moor in the port of a Caribbean island because two passengers suspected Corona. And before Japan, the ship Diamond Princess became a quarantine area for two weeks – 700 passengers became infected, six died from the virus.

Nobody wants to risk their health lightly, but on a long-planned one cruise nobody wants to do without. TUI Cruises, which operate the Mein Schiff fleet, are therefore now taking special safety precautions to avoid any problems with the corona virus.

Cruise: Many travelers are concerned about the corona virus

From the coming season, only ships who have not been to China, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea or Iran a month before the start of the cruise will be allowed on board the ships. Even changing at an airport in one of these countries will result in exclusion from the cruise. Also, those who have had contact with people who have recently been there are not allowed to ride. And whoever was even in quarantine or was released from work on suspicion of corona, anyway.


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“We are still in daily contact with port and health authorities,” reports TUI Cruises. “Currently, more and more ports worldwide are tightening their entry requirements. This is sometimes very short-term and arbitrary and occasionally means that cruise ships are no longer allowed to moor. “

These arrangements cannot be influenced, so travelers have to be prepared for spontaneous changes in the plan. “If there are any short-term changes to the timetable, we will inform our guests and sales partners as soon as possible,” the tour operator promises.

My ship is planning stricter hygiene measures

In addition, it should be ensured that the travelers do not become infected with one another. There are also new, strict hygiene measures on board. “In addition to increased cleaning measures, guests and crew are asked to wash their hands regularly and to use the hand disinfection stands provided,” said TUI. “As a further precaution, we ask all guests, until further notice, to fill out a questionnaire about their current state of health and travel behavior during the past four weeks when they check in at the port terminal.”

Respiratory masks are also said to be on board, and passengers can ask the crew about them if necessary. And if you feel sick, you should contact the on-board doctor as soon as possible. Hopefully the vacation will be a nice experience despite the fear of viruses.



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