MANHATTAN – A cruise ship off the coast of Massachusetts has docked safely in Manhattan.

The Star Pride, which had 351 people on board, stranded Friday in Buzzards Bay between Woods Hole and Martha's Vineyard. Windstar Cruises, who operates Star Pride, said the ship experienced a loss of cooling water for the engine systems, causing automatic shutdown of the traction and auxiliary engines.

No injuries were reported.

The company said the cause of the shutdown had been identified and rectified and all ship operations on Friday were back to normal.

A tug escorted the ship to Newport, where it was docked overnight for inspection to "ensure the safety of passengers and crew," said Coast Guard Captain Chris Chandler. The Coast Guard said on Twitter early Saturday that the ship had passed inspection.

The ship was near the end of a 17-day cruise from Reykjavik, Iceland, to New York.

It was planned to leave New York on Saturday for a cruise to Montreal. The Newport Daily News reports that the cruise liner will miss a scheduled stop in Newport on Sunday because of the delay if passengers had been able to disembark and visit the city, including its famous mansions.


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