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crushed car, opened in two. Serious man / photo Highway closed, bypass activated

PORTOGRUARO – Crash around 4.30pm on A4: a car is finished under a Tir, remaining almost completely smash. It happened just before the junction of Portogruaro in the direction of Trieste.

The driver of the car crashed into the heavy vehicle that preceded him, finishing under it for almost two meters. An impressive bang, so much so the car has practically opened. On site the firefighters intervened with the health of the Suem, arrived in the ambulance and with the helicopter. Serious conditions of the driver that has been transported to the hospital. On site, in addition to the traffic police for the reliefs, also the staff of Autovie, the health of the Suem 118, firefighters and mechanical assistance.


A little later, a few meters away from where the first accident happened, two cars collided. In this second incident a person was injured.


Autovie Venete has arranged the closure of the stretch between San Donà di Piave and Portogruaro in the Venetian. Closed the entry junctions of Cessalto and San Stino di Livenza, also in the Venetian, towards Trieste. Established themandatory exit to San Donà di Piave. The bypass of the A27 and A28.



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