Cruz Azul News: Cruz Azul wears a ‘Champions League’-style shield celebrating its nine championships

The Blue Cross Machine he is serious about the search for his tenth star; or at least that could be intuited this saturday in the duel against Tigres, meeting in which luci a badge very much in the style of the ‘Champions League’, where you can see the silhouette of the trophy of the League MXand the total of his championships so far.

The insignia indicated the number 9, the total of his titles in Mexican soccer. It should be noted that there is a type of official insignia of the Liga MX that can only be worn by the champion, and which Today it belongs to the Red and Black of the Atlas.

Despite that, all the light blue elements wore this patch on the sleeve of the left arm of the shirt; though It is unknown if said insignia will be worn for the following duels.

It should be remembered that the cement workers removed the traditional stars from their shield, which represented their titles, and it only indicates the official name of the team ‘Club de Ftbol Cruz Azul’