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Crypto Crushdown: Malaysia Police Destroy ‘miners’ With Waltz | Abroad

by archyw

The machines, also known as ‘miners’, had a combined value of more than $1.25 million, according to police. This would have consumed two million dollars of electricity. Sarawak Energy discovered the leak and notified the police.

The authorities decided to destroy the equipment by literally and figuratively razing it to the ground: a roller was taken from the stables to make the equipment harmless. Eight suspects have been arrested. They may face months of jail time and a hefty fine.

The illegal tapping of electricity is not without danger. Three houses in the town of Miri on the island of Borneo have been burned down by the practices, Malaysian police reported. The ‘mining’ or creation of digital coins takes a lot of energy. According to researchers, the Asian country is in the top ten of countries where the most digital coins are generated.

Does it still make sense to buy bitcoin? That’s what our DFT reporters discuss in the podcast ‘A matter of cents’:

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