Cs and the PP are considering challenging the budgets and delaying the election date

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Cs and the PP have already had the first contacts to submit an appeal against the budgets of the Generalitat of 2020 to the Council of Statutory Guarantees, as the program has advanced Ground floor and knowledgeable sources have confirmed to the NOW. The highlight of this move is that, if they confirm the decision to contest the accounts, they will postpone the date of the Catalan elections at least until the summer gates. The two groups have not yet decided whether to file the appeal together or separately. If they decide to do it separately, the orange party will have to leave 10 signatures on the popular ones, because four members are not enough to bring a bill to the Board of Statutory Guarantees.

The timetable that Parliament is working on right now is to approve the budgets on Wednesday, March 18, but if any party objects to it, it will delay this vote by one month, until mid-April, as it will have to wait for the Guarantees Council will rule. The approval of the accounts was tied to the Catalan elections by express desire of President Torra: he himself announced that when Parliament gave the green light to the budgets, he would announce the date of elections. If the accounts are approved on March 18, the election can be no later than mid-May. If they cannot be approved by April, then elections cannot be at least until mid-June.

Against the green tax

If the PP and Cs want to bring the budgets to the Guarantee Council, they will have to submit a letter stating that they consider it unconstitutional. At the moment they are working on the idea of ​​challenging, above all, the law on taxation of accounts and, in particular, the new environmental tax included in them. This tax, advanced in the day by the ARA, seeks to tax large electric companies and telephone companies and is based on what was created in Extremadura. A lien that was already brought to the Constitutional Court but in the end the so-called ecotax was endorsed by the high court. Popular and oranges have between March 13 and 17, a day before the plenary, to make the final decision. The Economy Committee where the amendments must be voted on before the plenary session and the final opinion on the regulations has been postponed for one day: it was scheduled for March 11 and at the end it has been agreed to pass it on the 12th.

The decision to clear accounts can also be read internally from parties. Citizens, for example, would allow him time to gain (on March 14 and 15 he will hold an extraordinary assembly) to try to overcome the internal struggles that have been living since the farewell to Rivera and to explore if a coalition with the PP is possible. At the same time, they would do JxCat a favor, which is also in the middle of negotiations on how to rearrange this space and run for election.

The PSC has a battery of amendments but keeps the ‘no’ in the accounts

For its part, the PSC continues to close the door to approving the budgets of the Generalitat despite the pressures of JxCat, ERC and the commons. The Socialists, however, have introduced a battery of amendments to the accounts to “improve” them. However, even if the Government decides to give the green light to all its proposals, the PSC assures that this will not change their vote against the budgets, because they are not “suitable for the future of the country” accounts. “We do not like the budget, it does not reverse the cuts,” said socialist MP Alicia Romero at a press conference this morning.

Be that as it may, the Socialists have decided to submit more than 400 amendments in total, counting on proposals submitted to improve the budget law (347) and also the accompanying law (74). Thus, according to Romero, they have reallocated 202 million euros in different parts of the budgetary regulations that they have extracted, mainly from the second chapter, which refers to external hiring.

So, for example, they propose to reduce the departure of the CTTI to 125 million euros. “The budget has increased greatly in recent years,” said Romero, who also opted for an “external audit of the body to streamline it.” In addition, the socialists also propose modifying games for education, with, for example, an increase in the heading for inclusive school, or also health, with an increase of games for primary care and also for reduce waiting lists (where they propose to spend € 20 million more).

Priorities for the socialists are those items they have modified to combat child poverty, school segregation, the knowledge and research industry, and also health games, in addition to the € 10 million they believe they are the most. they should be used for “women’s policies”. In addition, the PSC is also asking the Government to create within the 12 months period the second part of the sugary drinks tax, that is, the tax on sugary and fat products. Despite being opposed to much of the budget proposal, socialists admit that some of the taxes that are included are “in the line” they stand for, and Romero explained that they could vote in favor.



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