Cs sees “cacicada” in a credit

The Municipal Group of Citizens of Ponferrada considers “a cacicada and an authentic absurdity” which it considers “the occurrence of Olegario Ramón’s government team of contracting a financial loan, worth three million euros, with the credit institution that has presented the most expensive offer.

According to the councilor, Teresa García Magaz, the socialist councilor “hides again” in the criteria of the municipal technicians to justify this choice and “deceive the citizens.” “It is neither reasonable nor justifiable for the City Council to contract a loan and award it to the bank that has submitted the most expensive offer. The mayor forgets that the public money that he squanders with this type of decision does not belong to him ”, ugly. “To say that it is the best for the residents of this city to pay more interest and for a longer time, as the first mayor has done, is unpresentable,” adds Magaz.