Csaba Vastag and his wife revealed everything about their secret dream wedding

The couple’s location is Budapest III. chose Kiscelli Museum in the district, the wedding party of a hundred people included well-known actors and musicians in addition to the family and close circle of friends. The couple decided to organize the wedding on Sunday because of them.

The beloved of Csaba Vastag, Domján Evelin a Story magazine, she thought she was going to pass out as she stood in front of the church before she said yes to the singer:

I’ve been going to this church since I was a little girl… Oh my god, how many times have I prayed here in my soccer cleats, and now I was standing there like a princess, about to marry the love of my life

Evelin said.

Csaba Vastag added: his partner really was a princess from a fairy tale at their wedding, and he was always thinking about how he could be so lucky. According to the singer, they invited a hundred people to the big event because they wanted to draw a line so that only those who are part of their lives would be there.

Source: Csaba Vastag/Instagram

There was a lot of fear before the big day, because Evelin’s neck was so stiff that she couldn’t move, so Csaba immediately took her beloved to the hospital.

“He received four injections in his back. It turned out that he can’t even swim in physical therapy. They said he has to if he wants to get better as soon as possible,” Csaba told the weekly, who massaged his love every night to get better for the big day.

Evelin added: for a while it was questionable whether they would be able to hold the wedding, but fortunately her condition improved continuously, and finally it didn’t even hurt her to have to turn her head.

The big sensation of the wedding was the moment when the cake was lowered from the ceiling. The decorations were white and gold, and the party was so successful that it lasted until dawn – writes the paper.

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