CSKA with a message about Spas Dzevizov

Today, the legendary CSKA football player Spas Dzevizov celebrates his 67th birthday. “Bulgarian Army” did not fail to congratulate their former player.

He wore the red team from 1976 to 1984, taking part in 205 matches and scoring 96 goals. Semi-finalist for KESH in 1982 with CSKA. In the European tournaments, there are 25 matches and 4 goals. The forward won the national championship 4 times and the Bulgarian Cup once.

Recorded 20 matches and 3 goals with the national shirt.

On October 3, 1994, he was appointed head coach of CSKA, but was released after one match. In March 2000, he again became the coach of the team and remained in the position for a month.

From 2012 to 2015, he was the director of the CSKA Youth Sports Academy.

In 1980, he received the title “Honored Master of Sports”.

“We wish Spas Dzhevizov a lot of health, happiness, luck and longevity!” the “armies” wrote.