CTO of OpenAI’s Twitter Account Hacked for Crypto Scam Promotion

Crypto Twitter was awash with alerts on June 2 after Mira Murati, the CTO of influential AI firm OpenAI, had her Twitter account hacked and used in a crypto scam.

On June 2nd, Murati’s Twitter account posted a phishing link promising an airdrop of a supposed ERC-20 token from OPENAI. This should be the alleged cryptocurrency of the company behind ChatGPT, which does not exist.

Murati has 126,200 followers and a verified account on Twitter, which is likely to have given the deceptive advertisement a wide reach. However, the post was only live for about an hour and was viewed 79,600 times and retweeted 83 times before it was deleted.

The tweet on Mira Murati’s Twitter account promoting a crypto scam. Source: Twitter

The author of the tweet had intentionally limited the circle of people who could reply to the tweet so that others could not be warned directly in the comments that the link was broken Fraud war.

Some Twitter users suspect that Murati has been the victim of a so-called SIM swapping attack.

The website shared in the tweet is quite sophisticated and appears to have directly copied the layout and design of a real project called ChainGPT, with a few small changes that, among other things, ask for the use of a wallet.

The fraudulent phishing website (right) looks confusingly similar to the layout of ChainGPT (left).

An expert at blockchain security firm Beosin told Cointelegraph that the site uses a wallet draining kit that tricks visitors into releasing their crypto assets.

“Once clearance is granted, the attacker transfers NFTs and ERC-20 tokens from victims’ wallets,” Beosin explains.

Cointelegraph has reached out to Murati and OpenAI for comment on the incident, but has not received a response as of press time.

2023-06-02 12:43:16

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