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CubaBoarisch 2.0 – Leo Meixner´s CUBAVARIA

It’s just in his blood: the lively Cuban rhythms as well as the earthy Bavarian ones. Whether Salsa, Son or Landler – Leo Meixner, singer of the CubaBoarians, who are now celebrated throughout Germany, and the youngest offspring of the band, may be at home in Bavaria, but through his many trips to Cuba he also grew up there musically. For some time now he has not only brought a breath of fresh air to the stage, but also a juvenile influence from pop and rap.

Now the time is ripe for a new creative musical cocktail of rum, pop and Bavaria. Leo Meixner presents his own band with six musicians – his Cubavaria. With the singer Yinet, who has become so beloved by the Cuban-Bavarian fans, the Bavarian soul merges with the Cuban soul on stage. What a treat for ears and eyes! Sebastian Höglauer, one of the stars of the young wind music scene and a connoisseur of fast rhythms, plays a Bavarian-South American march with virtuosity, embedded in the cool and earthy-Alpine groove of the young Austrian jazz/funk and soul bassist Bernhard Lackner, whose sound you can hear in the listen to longer tours in the USA.

In the Chiemgau, for example, the waters of the Alpine lakes are currently merging with those of the Caribbean and Pacific, creating fresh waves that are wonderful for surfing. With a casual swing of the hips, of course! And who knows on which musical and geographical shores Leo Meixner and his Cubavaria will still land. In our globalized world, tradition and modernity from a wide variety of cultures marry wonderfully with one another.

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Posted on Wed, March 29, 2023 at 04:36