Cuban independent journalist donates blood for patients after the Saratoga Hotel tragedy

Cuban independent journalist Henry Constantin Ferreiro has joined from Camagüey the thousands of citizens from all over the island who have donated blood after the Saratoga Hotel tragedy, a gesture of solidarity with the people who are fighting for their lives after surviving the incident.

“I have donated blood for the injured victims of the Saratoga Hotel explosion. I hope it reaches those who need it soon. In Cuba you can lose freedom, prosperity, peace, material goods, and even blood… but never your heart. And if you don’t put it to the test for others, from time to time, you end up losing it even if you feel it beating”, says the independent reporter, who lives constantly besieged by state security due to his journalistic work away from the ruling party.

In Cuba, after the Hotel Saratoga tragedy, there was a call for very important blood donations in these cases of catastrophic events.

Dr. Taymí Martínez Naranjo has explained on social networks that a minimum support of 500 ml of blood is needed to perform a standard surgery, but a person can donate 250 ml.

In incidents such as the one that occurred in the Havana hotel, he says “there must be injuries due to burns, crushing due to collapse, so the cases must be complex. In a burned patient for every 1% of burns corresponds to a blood loss of 2.6% in adults and 3.4% in children and treatment is mainly aimed at treating hypovolemic shock due to blood loss in the first 24 hours and then therapy is used. transfusion in all possible complications. The treatment has to be continued and to achieve sustainability, supportive arms are needed that are willing to donate life.”

After the number of people asking to know if they are viable to be donors. The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) published the following requirements.

Requirements to donate blood:

1- Be over 18 years old and less than 65 years old.

2- Weigh more than 50 kg.

3- In women: not breastfeeding, not pregnant, her last delivery must be greater than six months.

4- Not having been vaccinated in the last 30 days.

5- Not suffering from disease or taking any medication 7 days before donating (diabetics should not take insulin and controlled hypertensive patients can donate).

6- Not having consumed alcoholic beverages in 3 days.

7- Not having had any type of surgery in the last six months.

8- Have a minimum fast of four hours, in that period it is recommended to ingest abundant liquids (not coffee or dairy products), you can eat fruits.


On the island there are donation points in all municipal and provincial capitals, almost always associated with hospitals.

In the particular case of Havana, they offered specific sites such as:

Places to Donate Blood

Provincial Bank 23 between 2 and 4


Calixto Garcia

Juan Manuel Marquez

Ameijeiras Brothers

Manuel Fajardo

Miguel Enriquez

The Cuban MINSAP reported yesterday that after the explosion that occurred at the Hotel Saratoga, due to a gas leak, 97 people were injured, of which 17 are hospitalized, 37 patients were discharged and 43 died.